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Savings tip of the week: Stock up on fresh fruit when it is n sale and freeze for smoothies and baking later! 

5 Great Money Saving Tips

  1. Save food scraps: Keep carrot ends and peelings, celery leaves, garlic trimmings, the outer layers of onions, and wilting herbs and their bare stems (such as parsley and thyme) in a resealable bag. Store shrimp shells or chicken bones in a separate bag and freeze to make stock from scratch whenever the mood strikes (Tip: Remove onion skins before using; they can turn a perfect stock into a bitter one).
  2. Skip the Paper Towels:  Save money by not buying paper towels instead buy a few microfiber towels that grab dirt like a magnet and when they are dirty just throw them in the ash and reuse!
  3. Organized Pantry:  Spend less by storing your foods in air-tight containers in the pantry!  They will last longer and you will know when you are running low.
  4. Lower the Water Temp: Lower the water heater temperature to 120 degrees to save on heat loss.  The exception is the dishwasher make sure you have a “heat boost” this needs to sun at 140 degrees.  Lower the temperature can save you up to $450 a year!
  5. Catch Rain:  Save on your water bill by setting up containers to catch rainfall from your gutters and reuse the  water in the garden and yard.